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Why do I keep...

...setting myself up to piss off my family?

My stepsister was sending a group text about her son's tae kwon do accomplishments. I was at my friend's birthday party, drinking wine. Someone, who I immediately assumed was my sister wrote, "Please take me off this group list.". Because I had been drinking and because my sister is super uptight about everything, I responded, "Quit being a buzzkill, Sister."


And it wasn't her. If I had bothered to check the number it came from, I would have known and I could have saved myself the embarrassment of screwing that up. She was like, "It wasn't me. The numbers don't match. Thanks, tho." And then it turns out it was one of my nephew's Masters. Uggg.

Sometimes I can see why I'm the black sheep, but since none of us are perfect, why am I always the one who is screwed up? We are all screwed up and do stupid shit to varying degrees and with varying frequency, but because I am more tolerant and don't get mad or offended as easily, I am always the bad guy when it's me who screws up.


Just tired of it. Being judged and on the defensive all the time is wearying.

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